The Washington Passport Network connects and leverages expertise and resources from across our state to achieve the greatest impact on higher education outcomes for students from foster care.

What We Do

The Washington Passport Network:

  • Collects and disseminates information about available campus and community support programs, collective challenges and successes, as well as information about the latest research, legislation and policy developments.
  • Builds the capacity of our network members to meet the needs of youth and alumni of care by developing and facilitating trainings, tools and resources.
  • Supports the development of regional coalitions of students, campus and school administrators, non-profit professionals, social workers, caregivers and public officials to create a more seamless pipeline to college and career for K-12 foster youth.
  • Identifies barriers that impede current or former foster youth from entering and succeeding in higher education and advocates for practical and politically feasible policies and/or implementation strategies to ameliorate those barriers.

Who We Are

We are a community of professionals and adults committed to improving higher education outcomes for students from foster care.  Check out our network

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Washington Passport Network

15500 SE 30th Place, Suite 200
Bellevue, WA 98007

425.416.2000 main
425.416.2001 fax
877.655.4097 toll free



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Fredrick Kingston, Program Manager

Molly Donahue, Program Coordinator




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