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Passport to Careers State Conference 2020


About the Conference

The annual Passport to Careers State Conference is a two-day event on April 28 and 29, 2020 that includes workshops and an evening networking hour for professionals from across the state who are committed to improving the higher education outcomes of young people who have experienced foster care and unaccompanied homelessness.

The conference is powered by staff from the College Success Foundation and members of the Washington Passport Network (WPN). The WPN is a statewide collective impact initiative committed to supporting students from foster care and unaccompanied homeless youth and the adult professionals they rely on.

Quick Details:
  • Location: Greater Tacoma Convention Center: 1500 Commerce Street Tacoma, Washington, 98402.
  • Date: April 28-29
  • Register online now!
  • Contact us at or (425) 417-3072.

Conference Objectives

The annual Passport to Careers State Conference provides opportunities for professionals and other supportive adults to:

  1. Connect and network with others who support students from foster care and/or unaccompanied homelessness in graduating from high school and pursuing their post-secondary aspirations;
  2. Share best practices aimed at improving the educational outcomes of students from foster care and/or unaccompanied homelessness;
  3. Acquire skills, knowledge, and resources that advance professional development and enhance program impact;
  4. Inspire one another with stories of success and ideas for innovation.