The WPN empowers professionals supporting students from foster care with information, knowledge, and tools to improve practices and student outcomes.

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Foster Care to College

Think you can’t afford it? Think again! If you’ve been in foster care any time after turning 13, your classes will likely be paid for at most Washington State colleges. Follow the link to find out more information.

Washington Passport Network YouTube Channel

Miss a webinar? Don’t sweat it. The WPN YouTube channel hosts recorded webinars and other relevant video resources for network members.

Passport to Careers Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PTC program? What are the PTC programmatic pathways? What are the eligibility criteria? How do students apply for financial assistance and receive PTC funding? This FAQ document answers these and other fundamental questions and will be updated as the program expands between now and 2020.

Passport to Careers General Flier

Resource flier advertising Passport to Careers

Passport to Careers Tribal Flier

Resource flier advertising Passport to Careers to youth from tribal foster care.

Passport to Careers Federal Flier

Resource flier advertising Passport to Careers to unaccompanied refugee minors or youth from the federal foster care system.

Passport to Careers Unaccompanied Homeless Flier

Resource flier advertising Passport to Careers to unaccompanied homeless youth.


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Passport to College Institutional Agreement to Participate

All post-secondary institutions participating in the Passport to College Program must complete and submit this agreement to WSAC in order to be eligible to receive institutional incentive grants.

Passport to College Viable Plan Template

The “viable plan” documents campus strategies for supporting Passport students. The plan should be submitted to WSAC for approval, and should be reviewed and updated on an annual basis. Campuses are able to request technical assistance from the College Success Foundation to support development of their viable plans.

Viable Plan Budget Template

This completed budget template should be submitted to WSAC along with a campus’ draft viable plan to show how incentive grant funds and other resources will be leveraged to support the strategies described in the plan.

Incentive Fund Guide

This guide, developed by WSAC, explains the intent of incentive grant funds as described by state law. It gives detailed guidance about how the funds can and should be spent to support foster student recruitment, retention, and completion.

Designated Support Staff (DSS) and Financial Aid Administrator (FAA) Role Descriptions

Every participating Passport campus is required to designate a DSS and FAA. These role descriptions describe the ideal knowledge, skills, and abilities for each role. Please note that these are not job descriptions in a human resources sense – nor is every skill and ability required. Rather, these descriptions are written to help campuses thoughtfully determine who on their campus is the best fit for these roles, and also what support the DSS and FAA will need from the larger campus community to be successful.

Passport to Careers Eligibility Matrix

Second substitute senate bill 6274, which was signed into law March 22, 2018, renames the Passport to College program Passport to Careers and significantly expands eligibility. The expansion occurs in phases over three years, from July 1, 2018 through July 1, 2020. This matrix defines how and when the expansions will occur.

2019-20 Passport to College Program Manual

This program manual, updated July 2019, is your comprehensive resource for all Passport to College policies, practices, and requirements. It includes a summary of program changes resulting from the passage of SB 6274.

Passport to Careers Student Consent Form

Students submit this form to WSAC to provide consent for relevant state agencies and non-profit organizations to share information in order to determine their eligibility for Passport to Careers financial assistance and support services.

Passport to Careers Tribal Student Consent Form

Students who have experienced tribal foster care must complete the Passport Tribal Verification For to determine their eligibility for Passport to Careers financial assistance and support services.

Passport to Careers Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Consent Form

As of July 2019, students who have experienced unaccompanied homelessness (without a parent or guardian) during the prior school year may now be eligible for Passport to Careers financial assistance and support services. Students submit this form, along with supporting documents, to WSAC to provide consent for relevant state agencies, colleges and universities, and non-profit organizations to share information in order to determine their eligibility. More information about eligibility can be found on the Passport to Careers guide page.


Passport to Apprenticeships Opportunities

ANEW is the oldest, continuously running pre-apprenticeship program in the nation with a unique and successful reputation for training people to enter the construction industry. ANEW’s Passport to Careers is a program designed to connect young adults (ages 18-21) who are currently in or have previously been in the foster care system, including unaccompanied homeless to family-wage careers. To learn more about ANEW’s Passport to Careers program, visit their website.

Career Exploration Assistance Form

Answer the following questions to determine if you are eligible for assistance with phone bills, bus passes, food, income, etc. This enrollment form will go directly to Emily Stochel of ANEW. If you are eligible, you will receive an email or text notification, and will be able to access your funds right away if you need them. People currently in apprenticeships or pre-apprenticeships can be eligible as well.

Passport to Careers Postcard Flyer

Are you currently or have you been in foster care or unaccompanied homelessness? ANEW has free resources to help you get into a high-paying career. Read more in their postcard flyer.

Research & Policy

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