Passport Scholar Success Fund

College Success Foundation recognizes unexpected expenses can cause problems for students on a tight budget. We don’t want unforeseen financial challenges to get in the way of Passport Scholars’ educational progress!  

Passport scholars (students who receive the Passport to Careers Scholarship) are eligible to apply for Passport Scholar Success Funding. Formerly known as the Barrier Removal Grant (BRG), the Passport Scholar Success Fund (PSSF) is designed to address one-time financial barriers to support Passport Scholars in persisting in and completing (and in some cases enrolling or re-enrolling in) their post-secondary programs of study. Award amounts are dependent on the scholar’s unique circumstance and need, but typically range from $50 – $1,000.  

To initiate a PSSF funding request please complete and submit the form below. If possible, it is recommended students fill out the form with the assistance of a counselor, student support professional, or case manager.  

More questions about PSSF? Read this blog post.

Please be advised if PSSF funds are granted and applied to an educational cost, students receiving the resource have the responsibility of reporting this assistance to the financial aid office at the institution they are attending.