Way To Go

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to attend Way To Go?

  • Young person who was in foster care* after the age of 13 and is a rising high school junior or senior or pursuing their GED.
    *foster care used in this context includes any young person who was in out-of-home placement in Washington state, Federal, or Tribal Foster Care.
  • Unaccompanied homeless youth
    Any rising high school junior or senior or young person enrolled in a GED program who has experienced unaccompanied homelessness. What does “unaccompanied homeless” mean? See the Washington Student Achievement Council FAQ page for definition.

Why change the program model?
There will be significant changes to the program starting summer 2019. Due to the recent expansion of the Passport to Careers program and a desire to reach more students, we are moving away from the old Make It Happen! (MIH) model.

College Success Foundation (CSF) first hosted MIH in 2004. The program started as a summer orientation program for students who received the Governors’ Scholarship for foster youth. Over the years, the program grew to serve rising high school juniors, seniors, and college freshman – about 100 per year. The format was an immersive, multi-day, on-campus experience with students sleeping in dorms and getting a taste of college life. It was a unique, pioneering program that educated and inspired hundreds of students from foster care over the last 14 years.

While the old model was beloved by professionals and students alike, CSF – in conversation with our many supporters who collaborate to facilitate the event – has concluded that now is the time to reimagine the format of MIH. We’re pleased to announce that we have partnered with Treehouse on some major changes for this year.

If I attend Way To Go (WTG) am I guaranteed the Passport to Careers (PTC) scholarship?
No, attending WTG does not guarantee that a student is PTC eligible. Students will complete the Passport to Careers consent form at the time of online registration to determine PTC eligibility. Please note that the Washington Student Achievement Council is the organization that processes the consent form and determines PTC eligibility. 

What should students/participants expect?
Participants should expect a day of learning about Passport to Careers (PTC) and engaging in fun activities. Workshop topics include PTC eligibility, benefits, and resources. There will also be an opportunity to meet college staff and apprenticeship representatives. This will be an active day, so participants should anticipate walking during the campus tour and for workshop transitions between campus buildings.

What is the cost to attend?
This event is FREE! Breakfast and lunch and transportation will be provided. Participants will also receive some cool gear!

Why three locations?
We’re excited to offer the program at three locations to increase accessibility. We purposely chose to host the Way To Go events at different types of institutions – a public 4-year, a private 4-year and a 2-year college. We expect to learn a lot from this year, which will continue to improve the program.

Can participants choose which event/location to attend?
Yes, chartered buses will be provided. Participants are responsible for arranging transportation to and from pre-determined bus stops. For more information about transportation please visit here.

I have a different question not covered here
Please reach out to our Way To Go team at passport@collegesuccessfoundation.org.