Registration will open at 8am, with opening remarks beginning at 9am in Philips Hall. Our May 9 agenda is as follows:

  • 9:00 am           Welcome
    • Fredrick Kingston, Program Manager, College Success Foundation
    • Ann Ramsay-Jenkins, Co-Founder and Board Director, College Success Foundation
  • 9:15 am           Network Spotlight
    • Erika Ramirez and Kateri Joe
    • Cheyanne Boyer and Lora Jenkins
    • Darren May-Power and Lorinda Anderson
    • Savannah Frimodt, Whitney Carlson and Maria Reyna
  • 10:45 am         Keynote Presentation
    • Arel Moodie, College Success Program
  • 11:45 am         May 10 Preview
    • Becky Thompson, Director of Student Financial Assistance, WSAC
  • 12:00 pm         Lunch
  • 12:45 pm         Break for Workshops
  • 1:00 pm           Workshop Session A
  • 2:00 pm           Workshop Session B
  • 3:00 pm           Workshop Session C
  • 4:00 pm           Networking Happy Hour (Swiss Pub & Restaurant)


For those joining us for the May 10 WSAC Passport Celebration, please find the agenda below:

  • 9:00 am           Welcome
  • 9:15 am           Remarks from College Leadership, WSAC, and College Success Foundation
  • 10:05 am         Remarks from legislative champions
  • 10:35 am         Alexis Arambul, Passport Scholar
  • 10:55 am         Closing

An afternoon training will follow this celebration from 12pm-3pm at the Washington State History Museum (across the street from UW-T) specifically for post-secondary partners to review updated Passport program requirements. Time will be set aside to begin creating new viable plans for the next academic year.

Parking: We recommend that you park in UW-Tacoma lot WT31 at the corner of 21st and Jefferson for $7/day (you can find a map with all campus parking lots at their website). You can also park at Cragle Parking lot at the corner of 21st Street and C Street, though that lot only offers hourly parking. Those with hotel reservations are encouraged to park at their hotel lot. We anticipate over 160 conference attendees and parking may be limited.

The campus map below highlights the main building (Philip Hall) where the conference will begin on May 9. The additional buildings will host the workshops in the afternoon.