The 2018 Passport to College State Conference offered an astounding 16 workshops on the afternoon of May 9. Did you misplace that amazing handout? Did you want to share that essential powerpoint with a colleague who couldn’t attend? Don’t worry, we’ve got what you need:

Workshop Session A: 1:00pm-1:50pm

Financial Aid for Independent Students – Washington Student Achievement Council


2017-2018 12th Year Student Workbook

2017-2018 12th Student FSA Worksheet

Financial Aid for Independent Students Handout

Youth & Young Adult Homelessness 101 – Building Changes/The Mockingbird Society


A Student-Centered Way of Working – WCAN


Studies of Postsecondary Support Programs for Foster Youth – WSU-V/UW


Workshop Session B: 2:00pm-2:50pm

Dependency 101 – Student Journey Mapping – E.S. McCann, LLC, OCLA


Schools and Children’s Administration: Collaborating for Success – OSPI/CA


Guide to Supporting Students in Foster Care

Accelerating Independence & Supporting Foster Youth: Resource Navigation & Financial Empowerment – Accelerator YMCA


Resource Packet

Utilizing Relationship Development to Aid in Organizational Expansion – Treehouse


Tools for Navigating  Transitions and Trauma: Being a Genuine Help to Young People Who have Experienced Foster Care – The Mockingbird Society


Workshop Session C: 3:00pm-3:50pm

Hot Topics at DSHS: ETV/EFC – DSHS

EFC Brochure

ETV Brochure

What Happened in Olympia This Session? – Partners for Our Children

Select 2018 Supplemental Operating Budget Provisos

Highlights from the 2018 Legislative Session

Prevention is Nine-Tenths of the Law: Helping Youth Overcome Legal Barriers – Lawyers Fostering Independence



Foster Care Tuition Waivers: How Do they Work, Who Benefits, and What is Missing? – UW


Student-Centered Planning for Youth in Foster Care – Treehouse


Student Map

Map Summary

Sociogram Planner

Sociogram Summary

Community Integration

Action Plan