As detailed in the introduction to this blog series, the term Viable Plan refers to participating Passport to Careers (PTC) institutions’ programmatic plans for how they serve PTC scholars on their campuses. Campus contexts and the needs of students differ across institutions and communities; consequently, plans contain a diversity of goals and strategies. However, strong plans do share certain characteristics:

  • Clearly defined goals and strategies
  • Strong internal alignment which enables a team approach to serving PTC scholars
  • Strong collaboration with community-based organizations and resources
  • Regular assessment, reflection, and quality improvement as part of the plan

The following viable plans are all excellent examples from the 2018-19 academic year. They are shared with permission, and WPN members are encouraged to reach out to staff listed in the plans to learn more or to collaborate. This is by no means a complete list. Come back to this post periodically to check for newly posted plans which will be added through the end of the academic year.

Community and Technical Colleges

Four Year Institutions: